How to Advertise on Google for Free?

How to Advertise on Google for Free?

 It’s confusing to start advertising on Google for free. Isn’t it? But we’re here to help you to make things easier. It’s not easy to design the banners, setting a daily budget, and finding the most searched keywords. But the good news is after reading this article you will be free from this tricky process.

So, don’t go anyway and read this guide about how to advertise on Google for free.

Steps for Free Google Advertising

 You must have been familiar with the benefits of advertising on Google, but let’s explore how you can do it for free.

  • Choose a Network

You’ll have to decide whether you want your ads to appear on Google Display Network or Google Search Network. If you're going to target customers interested in your service or product, choose Google Search Network.
When you want to target your ideal customers, then you can use Google Display Network. You can use multiple options like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail for this option.

  • Choose the Type of Campaign and Launch It

You can use multiple types of campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. You choose the campaign type according to your needs. Some campaign types are:

  • Search Campaigns

When you decide to use the Google Search Network method and use text ads, you can launch this campaign.

  • Display Campaign

 This type of ad is displayed anywhere on the Google Display Network. It’s the perfect option if you want to target a specific industry or audience.

  • Video Campaigns

You can run video ads on YouTube, and they lie in the Google Display Network category.

  • Universal App Campaigns

You can use this type of ad for the marketing of your apps. You can display it in many different places. 

  • Shopping Campaigns

If you want to generate more sales by promoting your products, then this option is for you. You can display ads on Google shopping.

  • Bidding Strategy

After deciding the type of network and ad campaign type, the next most important task is bidding. You can set bids manually, and Google allows you to set them automatically. The best option is to manually set bids for campaigns. When you choose the automated option, Google will select the bid amount to maximize clicks.

  • Is There Any Way to Run Ads on Google for Free?

Advertising on Google requires you to have a reasonable budget, but luckily you can run ads for free by using the following options:

  • Visatk

Visit this visa checker tool and generate money for running your campaigns on Google. It’s is the easiest option.

  • Promo Code

Before launching your first campaign, ensure that you use the promo code. In this way, you can start advertising on Google for free.

By using these options, you can get an idea of what keywords work best for you. Moreover, it can help you understand which type of campaign and bidding strategy works best for you. So, use the options mentioned above and make your experience hassle-free.


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