How to Make an Advertisement on Facebook for Free?

How to Make an Advertisement on Facebook for Free?

Can we advertise on Facebook for free is a trendy question, and many people want to know the answer to this question. What do you think? Is it possible or not? Yes, you can make an advertisement on Facebook for free, but the next question is how we can do this?
Read this article to find how you can make an advertisement on Facebook for free? You just have to focus on one metric known as Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

5 Free Facebook Marketing Tools to Get Best Results from Campaigns

Many options can help you run your ad campaigns on Facebook for free. Some most important are given below:

  • Visatk

The best tool that can help you generate money for creating marketing campaigns on Facebook is Visatk. When you visit this site, you’ll get a free visa and money to run your marketing campaign on Facebook. This is a fantastic tool if you don’t have the budget for marketing. 

  • DrumUp

You always need to post relevant content on your Facebook wall, and more importantly, you have to be consistent to keep your audience engaged. So, it’s never easy to always get excellent stuff. But the good news is, you can use DrumUp and leave this task to it.
This free marketing tool can find stories for your audience and then queue them to be posted on Facebook. You just have to provide your interests means the keywords you want to get targeted, and you’ll get relevant stories. More importantly, you can customize the post along with tagline, hashtags, and image.

  • Likealyzer

It’s the best free tool for getting an assessment of the performance of your Facebook page. Moreover, it gives recommendations for boosting brand engagement. More importantly, this free tool doesn’t ask for personal information to perform an assessment. You have to provide the page URL, you want to get insights, and it will provide results within seconds.
Their generated report is user-friendly, and you can use these insights to improve your marketing campaigns. Some simple adjustments like posting time, posting frequency can have a massive impact on the campaign performance.

  • Facebook Power Editor

The employees of Facebook had created this for advertisers who run multiple campaigns and ads, and it becomes difficult for them to manage them. It allows you to build and duplicate campaigns quickly. More importantly, you can make all crucial changes within a single window. Moreover, this tool will enable you to create multiple Facebook ads efficiently. 

  • Headline Analyzer

Nobody can deny the importance of a headline in a post because it can make or break your post. Therefore we spend lots of time and effort in creating an attractive headline. The issue with the Facebook post is you never know which type of headline will attract your audience. Therefore, you need to use this tool to make things easier for you.

You can use this tool to check the detailed score of your headline and get suggestions. If you’re not good at brainstorming and can’t generate ideas, this is the best option.

So, these 5 best free tools can help you create an advertisement on Facebook for free.



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