Elon Musk Thanks the Founder of Dogecoin Personally

Elon Musk Thanks the Founder of Dogecoin Personally


  • Elon Musk thanks the Dogecoin founder for what he did
  • Billy Markus of DOGE is thanked by Musk
  • For a moment, Dogecoin replaces Twitter's logo
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Elon Musk thanks the Dogecoin founder for what he did

Tech tycoon Elon Musk, the new owner of the widely used social media platform X (which was once known to millions of users as Twitter) has remarked on a recent X post made by Billy Markus, one of the co-creators of Dogecoin.

Musk praised him for that publishing in that statement. It seems to be significant and to have had a positive impact on Musk's rise to become the richest person on the planet during the last several years, the X leader.

Billy Markus of DOGE is thanked by Musk

Billy Markus, an IT programmer who co-created the first meme currency DOGE with Jackson Palmer in 2013, joked about it and posted it on Bitcoin, said in a tweet today that the community need to give the X app as much support as they can.

Markus feels that this is crucial since there isn't another social networking site that upholds user rights and encourages free expression. In what seems to be a first in their regular interaction via comments on X, the owner of X, Musk, stopped by to thank the cofounder of DOGE for that.

Thanks Billy!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 24, 2023

Elon Musk, who is a major supporter of Dogecoin and seems to be one of its largest holders, is also said to be favoring Markus (and considers him a friend, despite the fact that they have never met, according to one of Musk's tweets from this year).

Markus said that he really enjoys the X app. Markus had previously tweeted that he was happy that Musk has put in place the means for content creators with big followings to be paid on X. These are the Monetization function, which entitles bloggers on X to a portion of advertising revenue, and the Subscription feature, which enables them to automatically deduct a certain amount from their subscribers' bank cards. The creator of DOGE has received one of X's largest profits this year.

Additionally, Markus highlighted having access to the Grok AI chatbot that Musk just introduced on the X platform in one of his tweets from today. Subscribers to Premium+ may access it.

 yeah! and grok access 🔥

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) November 24, 2023

For a moment, Dogecoin replaces Twitter's logo

When Elon Musk unexpectedly changed Twitter's distinctive blue bird logotype with the DOGE mascot at the beginning of April this year, he really showed the community and all Twitter users how much he loved and supported Dogecoin.

Following then, the price of Dogecoin had an incredible 1,992% surge. It peaked on April 4th, at $0.096. This situation did not, however, endure for very long. A few days later, the blue bird returned to its original location, and DOGE fell to $0.082 (before briefly rising again to $0.09).

After then, DOGE only hit it three times this year: on July 26 and most recently twice in November, when Dogecoin surged to the $0.086 level on November 18 but was unable to stay there. It seems that this $0.082 level has now become resistance for the meme currency.

According to statistics supplied by CoinMarketCap, the original canine token is now trading at $0.07819, having dropped by about 4% during the previous day.


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