The Federal Reserve establishes a program to monitor cryptocurrency activity in US banks

The Federal Reserve establishes a program to monitor cryptocurrency activity in US banks 


  • The Federal Reserve has zeroed down on stablecoins
  • Crypto Regulations Continue to Be a Priority for the United States

The Federal Reserve of the United States has issued a new set of rules aimed at strictly regulating banks' engagement with cryptocurrencies.

This initiative, dubbed the "novel activities supervision program," was revealed on Tuesday, outlining the central bank's plan for overseeing banks' transactions with digital assets.

According to the release, the initiative would allow the Federal Reserve's specialist experts in the sphere of digital assets to interact with the normal supervisory team to supervise transactions with the crypto industry.

The Federal Reserve has zeroed down on stablecoins.

With its thorough instructions on banks' interaction with fiat-backed digital currencies, the Federal Reserve focuses on stablecoins in this initiative.

Pre-approval is now required for banks under its jurisdiction that are engaged in operations like as issuing, holding, or dealing in dollar-backed tokens to expedite payments.

The Federal Reserve has also released advice stating that before participating in such operations, banks must show to authorities that they can carry them out in a way that guarantees safety and soundness.

The Federal Reserve's official approval is required in this procedure.

It is not anticipated to be easy to get such permissions.

Each bank must demonstrate its ability to recognize, analyze, monitor, and manage the risks connected with issuing or dealing with stablecoins.

Potential vulnerabilities to concerns like as money laundering, consumer runs, and cybersecurity breaches will be examined by regulators.

Crypto Regulations Continue to Be a Priority for the United States

These Federal Reserve decisions help to reaffirm the bitcoin restrictions established earlier this year in January.

Notably, this upgrade corresponds with PayPal's statement that it would launch its own stablecoin.

Throughout the present administration, U.S. financial authorities have constantly stated their commitment to keeping a clear distinction between the regular banking system and the cryptocurrency industry.

However, financial authorities have highlighted that financial institutions are encouraged to continue innovating within the confines of strict oversight.

The new activities program will alert each bank when its exposure to digital assets reaches a review phase.

The level of examination will be determined by each bank's level of involvement in innovative operations.

Simultaneously, the Federal Reserve has signaled that its new supervisory program would find a balance between fostering innovative financial services and guaranteeing effective regulation and control.

The goal is to encourage breakthroughs that improve access to and delivery of financial services.

Finally, the Federal Reserve of the United States' recent initiative is an important step toward improving its control of banks' engagement in the cryptocurrency arena.

The Federal Reserve intends to take a cautious but accommodating approach toward the changing universe of digital assets by clarifying the procedure of pre-approval for dealing with stablecoins and specifying the boundaries of supervision.


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