Latest Page Level SEO Strategies


  • Preserve Reading Level
  •   Site Speed
  • Use visuals and video
  •   Google Search Using Voice
  • Publish to Yahoo! and Bing
  • Convert to 'https
  • Include keywords in your comments

Preserve Reading Level

The primary objective of every content writer should be to produce content that is easily understood. We are aware that not every Google user is extremely educated.

All I want to say is that your post should contain a smaller proportion of 'Flesch Reading Ease Test' sentences. So that people of all ages can comprehend your content. This results in increased traffic generation.

 Site Speed

Ensure that your website is extremely quick. We all know that consumers will not wait more than a few seconds for web pages to display. To make your pages load quicker, eliminate any unnecessary content from your posts. This is one of the basic OnPage Optimization techniques.

Use visuals and video

Images and videos must be included in the content of every SEO. Because humans can comprehend anything simply by viewing images and videos.

Incorporating infographics (display the precise message in a single image) into your content is another effective method of On-Page SEO.

 Google Search Using Voice

The public has altered their inquiry methods. Nowadays, individuals use Google Voice Search to merely pose questions. By performing this operation, they quickly obtain answers. Search engine optimizers must therefore transition to Google Voice Search to remain current.

 Publish to Yahoo! and Bing

The most recent SEO On-Page Optimization technique is to publish our articles on Yahoo! and Bing. Our posts were previously published on Google. Recent studies, however, indicate that posting to Yahoo! and Bing will result in increased traffic.

Convert to 'https'

Many content writers will publish their articles using the http protocol. Here is a novel method for increasing website traffic. Change the http protocol to https. In addition, it was a well-known SEO On Page Optimization technique.

 Include keywords in your comments

In terms of On-Page SEO Techniques, gaining traffic through the use of remarks is also crucial. Because Google algorithms will take remarks into account alongside the post. Some users will submit lengthy comments. Authors can utilise these comments. When authors discover lengthy remarks, they should include one or two keywords.

Do not overuse keywords. The comment should still appear natural after the addition of keywords. Even using comments for their posts, authors can increase traffic in this manner.


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