Is Bitcoin safe

 Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency in a network called "blockchain," in which all transactions are recorded. Also, there is no type of banking entity that controls these movements. This digital currency was created in 2009 by a person who calls himself "Satoshi Nakamoto" and was made to be a currency that any government cannot control.
Although it seemed only a fictitious currency in its beginnings, over time, it went from worth less than a penny to more than 60,000 USD in 2021. However, many consider Bitcoin unsafe, a scam, and not at all safe to invest in this type of digital currency. On the other hand, many defend the legality of Bitcoin and that it is the best way to save your money or invest it.
Now, would you like to know if Bitcoin is safe? In this article, we will discuss how secure bitcoin is to invest and hold.

 Why is Bitcoin technically safe?

There is still a lot of misinformation about Bitcoin and its security as a cryptocurrency in computer terms. Some people believe that cryptocurrencies are viruses, scams, or dangerous because hackers can steal your money easily. Bitcoin is one of the safest and most anonymous ways to move money around.
If you don't know why Bitcoin is safe for your computers, here are some reasons:

  • Bitcoin uses cryptography to confirm operations, so the transactions are irreversible and have high-security standards such as 256-bit SHA.
  • All transactions made with Bitcoin are public, and anyone can certify any transfer data. Although it is like a public ledger, no one can know your identity because no personal data is required.
  • The operations are not centralized in a bank, or any physical place since more than 10,000 nodes can generate the transactions independently.
  • No permission is required to use Bitcoin; you only need to have the cryptographic address of your wallet. Remember that if you misplace a single character from this address, the transaction will likely go to someone else.

 Es seguro invertir en Bitcoin?

If we talk about investments in general, no investment is 100% safe, and they always have an associated risk. Each asset has a different risk level, but the riskier ones usually have better returns. In the case of Bitcoin, most investors agree that it is not very safe to invest in cryptocurrencies because of how volatile their value is.
Bitcoin investments can be pretty unstable to use as a store of value, but they are an excellent option for short-term income by trading and analyzing the market. On the other hand, it is also possible to buy Bitcoin at a historically low value and hold it until it rises in price again.

Simply put, all investments are at significant risk if we don't properly research the most important aspects of investing. In the case of cryptocurrencies, all investments could result in monetary losses if we invest without any financial or trading knowledge. So we always recommend learning a little more about chart reading and price prediction.


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