Success Story of a Unique Entrepreneur Alex Kleyner

Success Story of a Unique Entrepreneur Alex Kleyner

As a business leader, Alex Kleyner has found significant success. He was the founder and owner of Store2Door that is an international online retail delivery service. Moreover, he is the co-founder of ABK Capital which is a real estate debt investment firm. This is an amazing achievement because he started from scratch. His success story is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

The best thing about his success story is he did it in two completely different niches. So, let’s read his role and success story in detail.

Alex Kleyner Store2Door

 He founded this store in 2002, and the idea was to make made in USA products available to Middle East buyers. As mentioned earlier, it is an international online delivery service. According to Alex Kleyner, he found it lucrative when he saw too many high-quality products made in the USA and the products are available for the people of the USA.

In contrast, people living outside the US can’t afford these products because they must pay hefty fees. The major fee was the shipping fees. Another significant fee was export-fees. Finally, some products were simply not available for people living outside the USA. Therefore, people had to either pay hefty fees to get the products or wait for their relatives to visit the USA to get those products or services for them.

Alex Kleyner started thinking about removing this third party from the scene and delivering the US manufactured products to other countries. The first step was to ensure that all international members of Store2Door received their unique USA address. The idea was to help them purchase from any online US retail store so that it could be shipped to their US address.

After that, it was the responsibility of Store2Door to deliver these products to the doorstep of their customers. It means that if you are living in Saudi Arabia, you can get the products at the same price, and even if there is a discount on the product in the USA, you’ll also get that discount.

Remember, the shipping fees had to be paid by the customers, but due to the efforts of Alex Kleyner, they ensured that the shipping price was much lower than the usual shipping prices. He made collaborations with international logistics and shipping companies. He was shipping items in bulk, so he got a significant discount. He targeted the Middle East because he knew that the region had wealthy residents and they had plenty of disposable income.

Alex Kleyner ABK Capital

He is the co-founder of ABK Capital because he founded that company with Brian Hernandez back in 2014. It was surprising for many people because Alex didn’t have strong real estate background by that time. This project was successful because Brian had hands-on experience, and Alex had enough knowledge of real estate.

A project named the housing market collapsed in 2008, so it was not easy to get a loan for their projects. Therefore, they immediately spotted that there is potential for services like debt advisors and investors.

Once again, Alex was right, and he helped a great number of South Florida real estates projects such as building and construction and high-value acquisition. Moreover, the company allows developers and sponsors to get the required capital through a wide range of lending options. Both the partners were passionate about funding real estate projects in South Florida. But they only funded projects that were supposed to be beneficial for the region for the long term.

So, the purpose of sharing the success story of Alex Kleyner is to motivate young entrepreneurs. If Alex can work on two completely different niches, then why can’t we?


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