5 Top Blogging Sites That Pay You for Writing

Top 5 Blogging Sites That Pay You for Writing

Writing content for websites is probably the most straightforward way of making money online. All the websites don’t offer this opportunity, but some of them provide this. So, here we’ll share the top 5 blogging websites that pay writers for writing content on their websites. Are you ready for it? Moreover, we’ll share some valuable tips to get started on these websites. So, if you want to enhance your writing experience and earn some quick money, this article is for you.
Blogging Sites for Making Money by Writing Content
There are plenty of websites offering this opportunity, but below-given are the top blogging sites.
  • 1.    Listverse
Ashe name indicates, it provides lists, and you can easily find the list of everything you imagine. It has a large audience, so you can make quick money by writing quality and unique content. You’ll not get the traffic straight away, but you’ll start getting it soon if you keep writing quality content.  
When you write for an established site, your chances of making money by blogging get doubled. If you already have some following, start sharing your ideas with them. Don’t lose heart if you don’t have followers because some sites pay guest bloggers without followers.
Before you approach any of the site owners, ensure that your content is valuable. If you don’t know how to get started, then take help from Probloggers. Here you’ll find examples of top-notch guest posts.
  • 2.    Goinswriter
It’s different from the above one because it allows you to write on numerous topics, and if your post is selected, they pay you $20 for it. Your post must pass Grammarly and Copyscape test, and the word count should be at least 300.
Once you write the top-notch article, peers review it, and then users vote on it. After this process, it’s decided whether to accept it or reject it. The decision of acceptance or rejection is made based on 5 votes. After reaching the milestone of 5 accepted posts, you can claim your earning, and you’ll get it through PayPal.
  • 3.    Hubpages
This blogging website has a different approach than the above two. It pays you based on page views of your content. If you want to cash in a huge amount, it might not be a platform for you. But if you just want to get started without too much effort and time, you can use this website.
Along with earning from page views, you can also make money by using their affiliate program. You can sell products of Amazon and eBay to earn additional money.
  • 4.    Addicted2Success
If you’re a good writer and want to cash your skill, then try this website. They don’t pay high rates, but it’s an excellent opportunity for beginners to get started. You’ll get $1 for 500 words. But the good news is there is no limit to word count; you can write lengthy articles to get more money. Writing more will increase the chances of making more money.
  • 5.    Wizzley
If you love to edit and proofread other’s work, then this platform is for you. Moreover, if writing is your passion and you can meet deadlines, go for review writing. Here, you can submit content on any topic that attracts you the most. They pay $0.01 per word for articles less than 200 words. Moreover, the feedbacks can also help you get more money. For one comment, the reader will give you one cent.
Many websites are scams, and they take your money for registration and will not pay you. More importantly, check the site’s reputation before start writing for them. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and effort.


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